Listen to Chad McLoughlin's Music

Although always comfortable on the stage, Chad has evolved his musical avenues to several forms of expertise beyond live performance.

CD Tracks

Chad is proud to announce the release of his new album, Electron Flex (2017). Featuring Chad Mcloughlin on Guitar, Thierry Arpino (Jean Luc Ponty) on drums, and Dave Anderson (Bill Evans) on bass.

Fast Asleep - Chad Mcloughlin (Electron Flex Album - OUT NOW!)

One in Hand - Chad Mcloughlin (Electron Flex) 

Down Pat - Chad Mcloughlin (Electron Flex)

Music Libraries

Chad Mcloughlin's compositions cover a wide range of emotions and music genres. His compositions can be a great addition to your music library. 

Dark March - pensive,insistant groove, builds to mournful dramatic end

Electron Flux - quirky funky groove, deep bass, haunting strings, eerie melody

Highlander - Abba meets Van Halen, acoustic intro, big disco beat, soaring guitar melody, upbeat vibe

Lazy Tiger - laid back funk groove, flute-like melody, delicate arpeggio pad, steamy vibe

Spurs - acoustic intro, western vibe building to soaring rock guitar melody, guitar solo outro

Session Guitar

Chad Mcloughlin's Loon Studios offers music production services and Chad's music skills to artists producing their own music. Using the latest version of Pro Tools, and a large database of professional sounds including the Native Instruments Komplete Sound Library, Chad can help fill in the gaps to your song, or build you a masterpiece from the ground up. 

Listen to a sample of Loon Studio's work with these tracks. 


Chad has performed with several groups over the past decade, including a trio with Dave Anderson on bass and Thierry Arpino on drums. Music for a variety of occasions can be provided in many different musical genres.